From the 2018 July Risk Retention Reporter

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Updated Version of 2015 Bill Amending LRRA Introduced in Congress

A bill amending the Liability Risk Retention Act—H.R. 6292 or the Nonprofit Property Protection Act—was introduced in the U.S. House of Representatives on June 28, 2018. The bill was introduced by Congressman Dennis Ross (R) of Florida and was cosponsored by Congressman Bill Posey (R) of Florida, Congressman Tom MacArthur (R) of New Jersey, Congresswomen Mia Love (R) of Utah, and Congressman Lee Zeldin (R) of New York...

Special Report: Risk Retention Groups by State of Domicile

This month’s special feature is a complete listing of active risk retention groups by domicile. Since 2012, the number of operational risk retention groups has fallen from 261 down to 223 this month. Over that time frame certain domiciles, such as Vermont, South Carolina, and D.C. have emerged as the go to domiciles for new risk retention group formations. As a result, those domiciles have maintained their number of operational RRGs. Other domiciles such as Delaware and Montana have seen their number of operational RRGs fall off...

APIC Provides Coverage Through RRG, RPG, and Brokerage Arm

Allied Professionals Insurance Co., a Risk Retention Group (APIC) reported that 2017 premium decreased while the number of members rose—the result of some deliberate choices the group made in the wake of ongoing marketing success, says Michael J. Schroeder, chairman and general counsel of the Arizona-domiciled RRG...

Captive Managers by RRG Premium in 2017, Aon Approaching $1 Billion

In 2017, there were significant changes to the top captive managers by premium. The top managers widened their lead over smaller managers and although no new captive managers broke into the top ten, some captive managers, such as WillisTowersWatson, saw their number of managed RRGs fall off...

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