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Georgia Supreme Court Decides in Favor of RRG in Direct Action Case

The Georgia State Supreme Court has decided in favor of a risk retention group, saying that the Liability Risk Retention Act preempts Georgia’s direct action statute. This decision represents another victory for the industry in its fight against the application of these kinds of state laws to RRGs...

2018 Risk Retention Group Directory & Guide Available in June

This year there are in-depth profiles for all active risk retention groups—including contact information, descriptions of the RRG and its coverages, as well as up-to-date financial information. Also included are a number of cross-referenced appendices, for both RRGs and their service providers, and the most up to date information on state regulation of risk retention groups. Purchase your copy of the 2018 Risk Retention Group Directory & Guide today at

Vermont Leads RRG Premium, Tennessee and D.C. Post Strong Gains

Vermont dominated figures for RRG premium by state of domicile in 2017 after a 4.5% increase took premium for the domicile up to $1,970.2M, just shy of the $2 billion mark. Other states with strong premium gains included D.C., Tennessee, and Arizona. Among established domiciles South Carolina and Hawaii saw the largest declines...

RRG Income Up 61.8% in 2017 Despite Losses in Transportation

Risk retention group income rebounded in 2017, increasing by 61.8% to $295.6M. Seven business sectors reported very strong income growth, while three posted declines. Of particular concern is the Transportation sector’s net income decline of $35.8M, losses which are putting strains on a number of RRGs in the sector...

Special Report: Analysis of RRG Premium by Business Sector

Risk retention group premium continued to climb in 2017, increasing by 4.5% to $3229.2M. Retirements had a large impact on RRG premium this year, with retired RRGs causing a premium loss of $54.8M. RRGs overcame this loss due to retirements due to strong growth across all of the large business sectors. This month’s special report provides a breakdown of the 2017 premium data for RRGs by business sector and identifies the sectors that are driving premium growth...

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